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Unlock the Benefits of the NSW EV-Ready Buildings Grant

October 27, 2023

How NSW Owner-Corporations Can Benefit from the EV-Ready Buildings Grant.

The NSW Government has recognised the need to invest in the future of electric vehicles (EVs). As part of their commitment to sustainability and innovation, they offer a generous grant to retrofit existing apartment buildings, making them EV-ready.

The application comes in 2 stages:
Stage 1 – Feasibility Assessment:
The grant will subsidize this assessment, with the applicant’s cost set at $2,000 ex-GST, while the NSW Government covers the rest of the fee.

Stage 2 – Infrastructure Upgrades
The grant co-funds 80% of eligible infrastructure costs, up to $80,000 per building at this stage. Additionally, it covers 50% of eligible software subscription costs for two years, up to $1,200 per building.

Selection criteria:
-The building must have private and/or common property visitor (or shared) off-street common property parking.
-No more than 4 EV chargers should already be installed.
-Confirmation that EV chargers will be appropriately operated and maintained.
-Proof of sufficient funds to complete the works.

Consider a few things
1. Apply sooner, if you need help, our team can assist you.🏃‍♂️
2. Invest in Quality Equipment. It’s easy to be lured by the allure of lower-priced options, but quality should be the top priority.
3. Enable payment options for users, the 20% investment can be quickly offset and increase the ROI. 💵
4. Sign a maintenance agreement with the installer to have your infrastructure in optimal condition.
5. Mid-Meter certified chargers. It allows the owner-corporation to accurately measure and bill residents for their individual EV charging usage.
6. Load Management System, it protects the entire electrical system to avoid any breaker trips by controlling chargers during peak time. 🏢⚡

Are you an owner-corporation or resident looking to make your building EV ready to charge your car? We’re here to help! 🚗💡

If you have enquiries about the EV Ready Buildings Grant, need guidance moving forward, or want to discuss how our services can benefit your property, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Feel free to drop us a message, comment below or send us an email.

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