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Lease Your EV Charging Stations Now!

September 18, 2023

Do you want to start or expand your electric vehicle (EV) fleet? And you are concerned about the cost of setting up your in-house charging stations for your business? We have great news! Beyond EV has partnered with Australia’s leading asset financiers to help you install charging stations without worrying about the upfront cost.

Keep the cash in your business while saving big on refuelling and increasing the overall efficiency of your fleet. Start or Upscale in-house EV charging stations all without worrying about upfront costs!

Why: Fleets around the world are switching to EVs due to their low maintenance and fuel costs while contributing to a cleaner environment. In addition, many governments are legislating companies to switch to EVs and reporting their impact.

Benefits of Rent to Own charging station:

Be ahead of your competition while showing your customers your commitment to sustainability.

All repayments are tax deductible. Have complete control of your refuelling schedules.

Equipment maintenance included.

No upfront cost.

Offset installation costs.

Low repayments – Repayments may be lower than your current fuel cost.

Higher ROI.

Start your charging station project now or sooner!

How we do it:

We assess your sites thoroughly to understand to charging needs.

Get approved in less than 48 hours.

We carry out the installation, supply, commission and maintenance of your charging stations.

Peace of mind for your team

Book an appointment to assess your infrastructure.


Email us at info@beyondev.com.au

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